Fixing Dropbox Camera Upload

Dropbox Camera UploadI’ve had an iPhone for nearly a year now, and it’s been a wonderful device. I’ve been very happy with it. Some months back, I installed Dropbox so that I could keep some files in sync between my laptop and an office computer. This also worked great. Then it got even better when I found I could sync the photos on my iPhone to Dropbox. An auto-magic backup of my photos and videos!

Then it broke. I’m not sure exactly why, but the auto-play settings on one of my computers got all messed up. I’m pretty sure I know what program did it (it’s a media management program that has a simian inspired name). I tried many things to just get the auto-play camera upload to work again. I wound up uninstalling the media management program, thinking that uninstalling would set things back to normal. It didn’t.

So I just lived with it. But I knew that it should work. All the auto-play settings in Windows looked like they were supposed to. And Dropbox was at the latest version.

I looked into it again today, and found a post on a forum that suggested these steps:

  1. Have the iPhone connected to the computer
  2. Go into Device Manager/Portable Devices/iPhone
  3. Delete the phone (right click)
  4. Disconnect then reconnect the iPhone.
  5. Watch Windows install the device drivers for the iPhone
  6. It should now AutoPlay normally after reinstalling the device driver.

Device Manager showing iPhone

Right-click to delete or uninstall the iPhone. Unplug and plug the iPhone back in to re-install the drivers.


I still need to try this on my laptop where I have iTunes and sync my iPhone.

If for whatever reason you don’t have a Dropbox account and would like one, please click here and get one set up.

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