The Great Palace Vine fountain pen

Inspired by this really bad comparison:

His fountain pen was so fancy it looked as if someone had grabbed the pope, turned him upside down and started writing with the tip of his big pointy hat.

I wanted to see if I could get close to this with a fountain pen. This started as a vague idea, then with the arrival of the Great Palace Vine fountain pen component set, I thought this might be able to become a reality.

The component set is plated with rhodium with rhodium accent pieces. The body and cap of the pen is a black with gold web TruStone, and the nib is an upgraded black-oxide fine point nib from Goulet Pen Co.

I think this gets close to the original comparison.

Even though it is a large, heavy pen, it is very well balanced. I made this pen for my son-in-law and he has informed me that it writes exceptionally well.

Great Palace Vine fountain pen

Great Palace Vine fountain pen

Nib and section detail

Great Palace Vine fountain pen

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